Chang’an University

Chang’an University

Introduction to Chang’an University

Xi’an, China



Directly under the administration of Ministry of EducationChang’an University is one of the State “211 Project” key development universities. It was merged by the former Xi’an Highway UniversityXi’an Engineering Institute and Northwest Institute of Construction Engineering on April 18th, 2000. Chang’an University is located in the historical and cultural city of Xi’an, and it covers over an area of 2980 Ares.

Chang’an University has 20 schools (Department).There are five state-level key disciplines, 26 provincial-level key disciplines, 6 post-doctoral research stations, 41 doctoral, 85 master and 83 undergraduate specialties. It is also the basement of state university student culture training and the Chinese People’s Armed Police reserve officer selection and training. Presently, there are more than 29,000 full-time students, including doctoral studentspostgraduate students, and more than 6,000 foreign students. So far, Chang’an University has over 130,000 thousand graduates serving in different fields.

Chang’an University has three key laboratories of Ministry of Education, 10 Key Laboratories of the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Land Recourse, Ministry Housing and Urban-Rural Construction and the Key Laboratory of Shaanxi Provincial. C.U also has 6 experimental teaching demonstration centers of Shaanxi Province, two approved Research Center of the building the Ministry of Education Engineering project ,and the only one auto comprehensive testing yard within universities.

Chang’an University now has 1608 full-time teachers, including two numbers of Chinese Academy of Engineering, one “Changjiang Scholar” Chair Professor, 257 professors, 584 associate professors and of more than 100 doctoral supervisors , 500 Master supervisors; 7 experts with outstanding contributions in the national, provincial level and one good staff who is reword the National morality award.

In recent years, Chang’an University has undertaken more than 3,000 research items, including national “973”, “863” and the National Natural Science Foundation research projects and other key research projects. C.U has won nearly 200 rewords, including second prize of national scientific and technological progress ,and provincial and ministerial level prizes. Its annual research fund is more than 300 million RMB.

I. Registration

Students should register at International Education school of Chang’an University at the stated time with “X” visa, Admission Notice, JW202 or JW201 Form and original Physical Examination Record for Foreigners. Those who cannot register on time should be asked for leave from the office, otherwise, the university will cancel their admission.

The Process of Registration: The students who get to school should transact the “registry form of temporary residence” in Xiaozhai police station with your copy of the first page of passport and the copy of visa during the 24 hours.


II. Physical Examination

Students who hold X visa and study in China more than half a year should go to Shaanxi Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to have their health checked up or their Physical Examination Record for Foreigners verified with the following documents and pay the charge by themselves:

1. Health Examination Form

2. Those who have their physical Examination Record for Foreigners verified should cover all the expenses for verification and take:

a. Passport and passport copies

b. Health Certificates completed in their countries, which include the original Physical Examination Record for Foreigners with the photo and the seal, and the original result of blood test and chest X-ray.

3. Those who have their health checked up should cover all the expenses for their medical check-ups and take:

a. Passport and passport copies

b. Two Passport-size Photos

4. c.4 pieces of 2-inch photos

5. 400RMB


1. You’d better to do the health examination at 8:00 to 8:30 in the morning without eating or drinking anything.

2. The Certificate Collection Voucher should be sealed and taken to school.

3. You should ask the invoice (pink or yellow) from the hospital and take it to school.

Anyone who is unqualified for the medical check-ups according to the healthy standards for international students required by the state entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Department should leave the university and china immediately. Those who suffer from diseases that can be cured in a short time with a certificate of medical unit can apply for reserving their admission. Subject to the approval of the university, they will get a reservation of admission for one year and leave China within one month.

Those who reserved their admission should make an application two months ahead of the next academic year. After the medical check-ups taken by the hospital as well as university are qualified, they will go through procedures for registration. Those who are unqualified for the health check-ups or fail in registering at the stated time will be cancelled for admission.

III. Entry, Residence and Travel Formalities

Students should apply for Residence Permit within 30 days after their arrival in china. Failure to do so will result in punishments in accordance with the related laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China. Application for Residence Permit needs the following documents:

a. JW202 Form or JW201 Form

b. Admission Notice

c. Health Verification Certificate issued by Shaanxi Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

d. Certificate from the university

e. Passport and passport copies (4 copies of first page and 2 copies of visa page)

f. Tuition payment sheet and copy (2 pages)

f. Lodging registration form and copies

g. Six passport-size photos

h. The necessary expenses for the residence permit

Attention: Registry form of temporary residence should be dealt with by the local police station. Students who live in the main campus(main campus overseas student apartment, Xiaozhai campus overseas student apartment, Yucai Road overseas student apartment) should deal withregistry form of temporary residence in Xiaozhai local police station. Students who live in Weishui campus should deal with the registry form of temporary residence in Hancheng local police station. Students who live outside school should deal with the registry form of temporary residence in the local police station. Appendix 1 is the map of Xiaozhai local police station. Appendix 2 is the map of Hanchenglocal police station.

      Fee structure      

1st year fee RMB 32515  USD 5200$     Rs 5,20,000
2nd to Final  year fee RMB  23200   USD3700     Rs  3,70,000  


1ST year expenses include tuition fee, hostel fee, one years green card, medical test, health insurance, ,

Step 1:
Online Application
Complete the online application form
Step 2:
Submission of documents
Submit the application documents listed above to the address indicated below by post, or in person.
Application Documents
All documentation must be complete, true, and correct in either Chinese or English. The required documents are listed below:
1.Appication for Admission to Chang’an University:
2、Highest degree certificate (notarized copy) ;
Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be translated into Chinese or English and notarized ;
3、Highest degree Transcripts (notarized copy);
Transcripts in other languages must be attached with a notarized translation in Chinese or English.
4、One photocopy of your valid passport. And two pictures in the same size as your passport picture;
5、a. Original Version of Proof of No Criminal Record ( issued by the local police station )
      b. Translation of Proof of No Criminal Record ( if it is no in Chinese or English)
      c. Proof of No Criminal Record notarized copy ( issued by the local Chinese Embassy ).
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