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Dali University


Dali University


Dali university provides MBBS For International students



On the approval of China’s Ministry of Education in June 2000. CEC Pakistan is officially representative of Dali University. Dali University turned into set up in October 2001 due to the amalgamation of 4 colleges:

  1. Dali Medical College
  2. Dali Teachers College
  3. Dali Radio
  4. Television College and Dali College of Industry

This had a history of extra than 30 years.

Now the college has sixteen colleges, presenting fifty three bachelor and 28 master degree programs in liberal arts, science, clinical science, engineering, education, economics, agriculture, law, management and art. The University is placed in Dali, which boasts its lengthy records and tradition.

Mission of Dali University:

With the Mission of serving the native and provincial communities and creating it standard within the country and well acknowledged in South and Southeast Asian countries, and with the saying of “Converging all cultures to form the university’s spirit”, and “Wide learning for truth, great virtue for good” , the university can keep on with the means of educational internationalization.



The school is found in Dali, the city center of western Yunnan. Dali University covers a section of two, 500 mu (about 410 acres) located in China’s historical and cultural city Dali (Ancient Town).

It has two campuses,

  • Gucheng (Ancient City campus)
  • Xiaguan (Water Lily Campus)

The Ancient City campus is found within the foothills of the Cangshan Mountains, overlooking the Erhai Lake and also the city of Dali. The aquatic plant Campus is found in downtown.

The school’s green grasses, birds and flowers, are referred to as “a university within the mountains and rivers, and therefore the mountains and rivers within the university.”




Dali University’s buildings are a mix of ancient and modern art. The University field consists of huge educational buildings, dormitory buildings, libraries, giant parks like public areas, athletics facilities, malls, feeding halls and therefore the central body offices. The University provides shuttle service within field. To boot, simply outside the university main gate, students will access conveyance to downtown or different stations.


Faculty and Hospital

Dali University has over 1200 teachers and directors operating during this university and over four hundred are professors or associate professors.

There are 2 university hospitals with over one, 100 doctors and employees members severally. Sticking out to the strategy of “developing the university with talents”.



Academic exchanges of Dali University:

  • Set up partnership with Fauna & Flora International(FFI)
  • Set up partnership with The Nature Conservancy (TNC)
  • Set up partnership with Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA)
  • Sign an agreement of Corporation with Phranakhon Rajabhat University, Kingdom of Thailand)
  • Between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations ‘universities and Chinese universities the academic symposium
  • The academic symposium of China’s geophysical and applied mathematics
  • Sign an agreement of corporation with Namseoul University (South Korea)
  • Sign an agreement of corporation with Sunraysia Institute of TAFE (Australia)
  • Korea Maritime University and Dali University held meet of exchange between them.
  • The symposium of minority traditional culture protection in Dali-Lijiang Railway District with the Asian development bank


Libraries and collection

Dali University Libraries are networking, electronics and intelligence, and holding some a pair of.15 million volumes.

Dali University has one assortment, saving plenty of ethnic medication literature and plenty of historical references of the local culture that are quite one thousand years previous.


Dali University


Features of Dali University:

The school has following institute:

  • 17 teaching colleges
  • 10 affiliated hospitals
  • 69 undergraduate majors
  • 6 first-level discipline master degree
  • 43 second-level discipline master degree authorization points
  • 7 master degree authorization points

Success Stories:

The school brings along the winners of the National Innovation Award, the primary and second prizes of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the national “Ten Thousand skills Program” technology innovation leader, the Ministry of Education “Yangtze river Scholar” distinguished academic, and also the winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young scholars.

Dali University has over a hundred and sixty high-level skills at the national, provincial and ministerial levels. There are over twenty research platforms on top of the provincial and ministerial level, as well as the National and native Joint Engineering research facility for the event of healthful Special Insects, the National collaborative Innovation Experimental Base for Teacher Development, and also the National Ministries Commission’s National Theory and Policy analysis Base. Over twenty provincial and ministerial innovation groups are approved.

Within the past 5 years, teachers and researchers within the university undertook seventy seven research projects sponsored by the National natural science Foundation or National social science Foundation, 113 research projects sponsored by provincial and ministerial research foundation, and eight research projects supported by the international foundations.

Currently the Dali University has been get provincial and ministerial research prizes and obtained sixty seven national patents. Besides, the Journal of Dali University was awarded mutually of the wonderful social science Journals within the country.


Dali University has been strengthening its exchange and cooperation programs with South and Southeast Asian countries, and with the US, England, Sweden, Australia, and a few different countries. The University has joint or exchange programs with several universities, higher establishments round the world. Up to now, the University has shut reference to forty one foreign universities or organizations in teaching and educational analysis.


Initiated For Chinese Language:

In Dec 2007, initiated by Dali University and cooperated with the Cambodian Ministry Education and Royal University Phnom Pehn (RUPP), “The DHY Chinese Center” was established in RUPP and began teaching Chinese within the country that attracted nice concern and a focus in Southeast Asian countries.


Excellent Achievement Prize:

In addition, the Dali University has conjointly established Chinese language observe bases in Laos PDR, Asian country and Thailand. Because of the nice achievements in international exchange and cooperation, the University was selected by the People’s Government of Yunnan province joined of the four “going out” universities. The “International Day”, an annual function, launched within the year of 2002, was awarded joined of the “Excellent achievement Prize of campus Culture” by the China’s Ministry of Education


Achievements in Past Years:

In the past 5 years, the Dali University varsity has won quite two hundred national self-science fund projects, national social science fund projects, and humanities and scientific discipline projects of the Ministry of Education.

In 2019, the quantity of religious science projects approved by the national scientific discipline fund projects and therefore the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences ranked 1st within the country. He has revealed quite one hundred academic papers in high international journals like “Nature Communication”, and won the second prize of national teaching accomplishment and therefore the 1st prize of scientific and technological progress of Yunnan province, and quite thirty teaching and research accomplishment awards at or higher than the provincial and ministerial level. Graduate students have won quite fifty awards in numerous domestic discipline competitions.

Since 2006, the Dali University has in turn won the primary prize for the employment of college graduates in Yunnan province Province.

In 2008, it had been awarded a superb conclusion within the analysis of the undergraduate teaching work level of the Ministry of Education.

In 2009, it had been rated as one of the fifty universities with typical employment expertise within the country.

In 2015, it had been awarded it was rated as “National Civilized Unit“.

In 2018, Dali University was absolutely Affirmed and praised by the expert cluster of the Ministry of Education within the undergraduate teaching review and evaluation.


Dali University


Ruining projects

At present, the varsity is that specialize in the development goal of “first-class university, the foremost stunning campus”, implementing the 3 ways of “establishing a school by academics, building a school with quality, and building a school with talents”, and promote the modernization of educational thinking, the informatization of management methods, and therefore the group action of educational standards. Suggestive, distinctive, and international development and try to make Dali University into an excellent regional high-level comprehensive university within the province, well-known domestically, and with larger influence in South Asia and geographical area.


Aims of Dali University:

  • First, it’s rooted in West province to run schools, providing talent support for the economic and social development of ethnic regions within the border areas of West province.
  • The second is to actively serve localities and actively do scientific and technological innovation in government, industry, university, research and use that provides technical support for the high-quality economic and social development of the ethnic regions within the western Yunnan border.
  • The third is to serve the national strategy, play an honest role within the group action of education, and enhance the flexibility to radiate education and culture in South Asia and geographical region.



MBBS Curriculum in Dali University

1st Year

1st  Semester

2nd Semester

Chinese Language

Chinese Language



2nd Year

3rd Semester

4th  Semester
Chinese Language

Chinese Language

Histology & Embryology


Micro & Immunology


3rd Year

5th Semester

6th Semester

Chinese Language




Physical Diagnosis

Forensic Medicine

4th Year

7th Semester

8th Semester





Gynecology & Obstetrics

5th Year

9th Semester

10th Semester




Infectious Disease




Emergency Medicine
Acupuncture & Massage

Oncology Conspectus

6th Year (Internship)

11th Semester

12th Semester




Gynecology & Obstetrics

Gynecology & Obstetrics






Required Documents of Dali University:

Note: Students having HSSC (Pre-Medical) /Senior High School (10+2) with good grade in (Physics, Chemistry, English, Biology) can apply in Dali University.

  • Matric
  • Fsc
  • Passport
  • Police report
  • Medical
  • Pic 4 white backgrounds
  • Bank statement 5 lac minimum
  • Affidavit
  • FRC
  • Study Plans
  • CV



MBBS fee package of Dali University

Degree Awarding = MBBS (Clinical Medicine)


1st year fee: 40,000 RMB

Note: 1st year fee include tuition fee, hostel, 2 years green card, medical test, health insurance, medical garments, Chinese language books and dormitory deposit as refundable money.

2nd Year to onward = 28,000 RMB

Note: From 2nd year to onward only tuition and hostel fee