Jiu Jiang University

Jiu Jiang University

Famous Medical University in Jiangxi Province of China

Foundation of jiu jiang University:

Jui Jiang University is the full time state public institution for MBBS in English language. CEC Pakistan is official representative of Jiu Jiang University that is approved PMC in 2022. This Medical University in China for MBBS is approved by the Ministry of Education. This is Famous University for MBBS history is back to the Danford hospital. This is school of Nursing. American Christian Methodist Church founded Jiu Jiang University in 1901.


To medical University Jiu Jiang University Location:

The MBBS University Jiu Jiang University is located in jiujiang city of Jiangxi Province in China. The Jiujiang City is famous about its history and cultural environment that is locate on the Middle and Lower Yangtze River. Top Medical University is located in this city of China.


Campuses of well-known MBBS University

The well-known MBBS university a Jiu Jiang University covers the part of land about 3443 acres. Jiu Jiang University has three campuses:

  • The main one is Xundong Campus
  • Lufeng Campus

For the progress in the MBBS in 2018 the Jiujiang University increases the existing academic recourses and Invest about 2 billion Yuan for the replacement of campus. It is covering the area of 1,387 acres. For MBBS research a high talent housing covering an area of two hundred acres on the inside of the main campus. . It’s planned to 2022 it absolutely was place into use in Gregorian calendar month 2015. The present school building covers an area of 1.05 million sq. meters.

Features of Jiu Jiang University:

This PMC and WHO approved MBBS University have many amazing features. Jui Jiang University has twenty three secondary colleges. It has a pair of “third-level A” related hospital and also affiliated by dental hospital. This MBBS university second affiliated hospital is underneath construction.


Majors in Jiu Jiang University:

Majors in Jiujiang University are eight. These eight majors listed in 2020. These covers economics

  1. Law
  2. Education
  3. Literature
  4. Science
  5. Engineering
  6. Agriculture
  7. Medicine
  8. Management
  9. Art

It has also other different majors. To study MBBS in Jiu Jiang University students recruits from thirty provinces across the country with over 33,000 regular students. . Existing national-level specialties corresponding to international economics and trade, biological sciences, international trade, condensed matter physics, botany, material process engineering, commercial enterprise management, chemical engineering and technology, human anatomy and tissue embryology, ancient Chinese literature, and thought Provincial key disciplines corresponding to political education and accounting.

The Jiujiang University welcome international students to study in China adhere to the steering of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics within the New Era. This medical University that is approved by PMC implements the spirit of the nineteenth National Congress of the communist party of China and therefore

  • the National Education Conference,
  • the National and Provincial ideological and
  • Political Work Conferences.


Deshu is predicated on people, targeted on talent training, and insists on serving the wants of national and regional economic and social development for the great achievement in MBBS research. The Jiu Jiang University a top medical university in China supported Jiujiang, facing Jiangxi, divergent  across the country, it’s the Yangtze River Economic Belt, the center reaches of the Yangtze River city Group, the Jiangxi National Ecological Civilization Experimental Zone, and therefore the Poyang Lake system the development of the economic zone provides talent support and intellectual support, and cultivates senior application-oriented skills with high comprehensive quality, solid skilled foundation, sturdy sensible ability, and innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.


Faculty of Jiu Jiang University:

MBBS in China in Jiu Jiang University has academician Shuzi principle is the unearned principal of the medical school, and Academician Pan Jiluan serves as the director of the educational committee of the school. Jiu Jiang University has 2669 faculty members, together with 1950 regular teachers and quite 800 professors and associate professors. Among the teachers,

  • nine are entitled to special allowances from the State Council and also the Jiangxi Provincial Government,
  • three are selected for Jiangxi Province’s “Ganpo Talent five Project”,
  • twenty two are for the Provincial “Hundred and Thousand abilities Project”,
  • four are for the Provincial “Double Thousand Plan”, and are provincial-level teaching teachers

There are 5 teachers in Jiu Jiang University for medicine have 2 provincial gold medal professors, ten provincial academic leaders, and one provincial outstanding high-skilled talent that approved the Study of International students. The school employs Academician Cheng Tianmin, Academician Yan Luguang and Academician Li Guibai as unearned professors, and 128 well-known consultants and scholars as part-time and guest professors of the school.


Infrastructure of Jiu Jiang University:

Medical University in China Jiu Jiang University’s infrastructure is complete. Teaching buildings, laboratory buildings, libraries, data technology buildings, track and field stadiums, indoor gymnasiums, and student activity centers are placed in various campuses.



Remarkable Network of Jiu Jiang University:

The pc network covers the whole school. Absolutely realizing the networking of teaching, research project and workplace management. One card with campus life. Due to which the study and connection is remarkable provide good standard of study in China.


Library in Jiu Jiang University:

The library has one main library and three branch libraries, with a complete assortment of over 3.1 million paper books, more than a pair of million electronic books, and more than one hundred Chinese and foreign databases.

Experimental Centers in Jiu Jiang University:

Jiu Jiang University has twenty two experimental teaching centers of assorted levels and types, as well as

  • Five provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers
  • Fifty six basic laboratories collectively designed by the central and native governments
  • Central and local characteristic advantage subject laboratories
  • Central finance to support the reform and development of local universities Special fund project.

There are 296 follow bases within and outside the school, as well as the Lushan practice base. The full worth of existing teaching and analysis instrumentation is 314 million Yuan.


Vision of Jiu Jiang University:

The Jiu Jiang University continues to deepen the reform of MBBS education and teaching, and smartly promotes the development of undergraduate (MBBS) teaching “quality engineering”.


Innovation in Jiu Jiang University:

The present talent coaching model innovation experimental area, teaching innovation team, experimental teaching demonstration center, bilingual teaching demonstration courses and different thirty five national and provincial “quality projects” ”Projects and 271 national and provincial “undergraduate teaching projects”.

Accounting, chemical engineering and technology are enclosed within the ranks of the province’ superior advantageous majors and characteristic majors, microelectronics science and engineering, applied physics, chemical engineering and technology, medical laboratory technology, clinical medicine, accounting, nursing, and tourism. Eight majors as well as management have been approved as provincial-level superior undergraduate majors.

Since the Jiu Jiang University for MBBS “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, a complete of five initial prizes and fifteen second prizes for provincial teaching achievements are won.

Comprehensively promote quality education and full-staff education in MBBS in English language, actively explore innovative and applied talent training models, and do in-depth “characteristic education” with innovation and entrepreneurship, sensible habits, and Chinese learning acquisition because the main content of MBBS .

Established the Jiu Jiang University “Five 3 2 One” innovation and entrepreneurship talent training system, shaped the characteristics of cluster entrepreneurship, cluster entrepreneurship, seamless entrepreneurship, etc., absolutely Affirmed by the leaders of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, and won the “Chinese University Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration Unit” title.

Concentrate to the education perform of field culture, carefully build the “Lianxi Forum” cultural complete, and in turn invited quite a hundred and eighty well-known specialists and scholars reception and abroad to be the guest forum to teach MBBS in Jiu Jiang University .

In-depth development of high-quality campus cultural activities equivalent to reading month, reading of Chinese classics, science and technology and cultural festivals, and attempt to make a brand of social observe activities of “three journeys to the country throughout summer vacation“, and comprehensively improve the great quality of students of MBBS.

In recent years, it’s achieved excellent results in numerous competitions equivalent to the National “Internet +” college student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the “Challenge Cup” National college student Extracurricular academic Technology Competition, and also the National college student Mathematical Modeling Competition.

The Jiu Jiang University implements a characteristic development strategy, adheres to the coordinated development of multiple disciplines of arts, sciences, sciences and medicine, adapts to the wants of regional economic and social development, and strives to make a cluster of disciplines with distinctive benefits.

In 2016, the MBBS college of Jiu Jiang University was listed as a master’ degree granting unit planned to be established throughout the “13th Five-Year Plan” amount of Jiangxi Province, and actively promoted the appliance of master’ degree granting units. Relying on the “discipline alliance“, it’s cooperated with metropolis University, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, and Gannan traditional University.

Jiu Jiang University signed an agreement on joint coaching of postgraduates, and began “joint enrollment and freelance training” in 2016, and has in turn trained 275 postgraduates independently, put together and cooperatively.


Scientific platform in Jiu Jiang university of MBBS in China

The school actively promotes the development of a scientific and technological innovation platform, and has established

  • the Lushan Cultural analysis Center,
  • the Poyang Lake Ecological Economic analysis Center,
  • the center Chang Jiang Urban Agglomeration and also
  • the Changjiu Integrated Development analysis Center,
  • the Riverside trade Development analysis Center,
  • the Cambodian analysis Center, and
  • the International Rural Medical Education analysis Centers,
  • pedagogy and Disciplinary Development analysis Centers

Different research institutions.


Research Stattion in Jiu Jiang University :

The Jiu Jiang University has two academician workstations and one post-doctoral research workstation;

  • 1 provincial-level 2011 cooperative innovation center;
  • Five provincial-level key laboratories and engineering technology research centers;
  • 2 provincial-level social science key analysis bases;
  • Provincial culture, art and science one key research base;
  • Two key research bases of humanities and social sciences in provincial universities;
  • 1 provincial university science and technology park.

Versatile introduction of the many high-end tutorial groups corresponding to

  • Yale University,
  • Tsinghua University,
  • Huazhong University of Science and Technology,
  • Renmin University of China,
  • Shanghai Jiao tong University

Since the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the varsity has been approved for twenty five National scientific discipline Foundation comes and 164 National scientific discipline Foundation projects;

Won 2 second prizes and three third prizes of Jiangxi Provincial scientific discipline Award, and outstanding achievements in provincial social sciences thirty six awards;

614 national licensed patents are approved.



The Jiu Jiang University invariably adheres to the mission of serving native development, and deeply promotes the combination of production and education and therefore the cooperative innovation of government, industry, education and research of MBBS.


Cultural Strengthen Activities:

The Lushan Cultural Inheritance and Communication cooperative Innovation Center  in Jiu Jiang University was approved as the “2011 cooperative Innovation Center” at the provincial level in Jiangxi. Established the primary “Intangible Cultural Heritage analysis Base” in a university in Jiangxi Province. it’s organized and command high-level tutorial conferences like the planet known Mountain tutorial Seminar, the Chang Public Diplomacy Summit Forum, the Poyang Lake High-level Forum, the Tao Yuanming International tutorial Seminar, and also the Chen Yinke tutorial Seminar, that have received in depth attention and praise reception and abroad


Foreign Coorporation:

The Jiu Jiang University continues to deepen foreign cooperation and exchanges (MBBS study), and therefore the level of international students schooling continues to improve. Its established stable cooperation and exchange relations with universities and research project establishments in additional than ten countries as well as

  • Russia,
  • Germany,
  • France,
  • Finland,
  • South Korea,
  • Cambodia,
  • the United States,
  • Japan,
  • Thailand and
  • the United Kingdom;

It has been approved by the Ministry of Education to determine Sino-Russian undergraduate cooperation run a college project. Join the Sino-Russian “Yangtze River-Volga” university alliance. Actively rent high-level overseas specialists and scholars to teach, provide lectures and cooperative research within the school. Organize academics and students of the college to actively participate in international exchange activities. Organize and hold tutorial conferences equivalent to the primary China-Cambodia relationship Relations tutorial Seminar and therefore the International conference on Rural Medical Education. Because the Chinese education base of the Overseas Chinese Affairs workplace of the State Council, the school more expands the international promotion of Chinese and Chinese education. Actively establish overseas Confucius Institutes and came upon Confucius Institutes (Language Exchange Cooperation Center) in cooperation with the Royal Academy of Sciences of Asian nation and Savannah State University of the United States. In December 2009, General Secretary Xi Jinping, then member of the commission of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice chairman of the State, attended the inauguration ceremony of the philosopher Institute at the Royal Academy of Sciences in Asian nation. The Confucius Institute in Cambodia was praised as “a milestone within the cultural exchange between China and Cambodia“. The Confucius Institute in Cambodia has been awarded 3 times. “Global Advanced Confucius Institute Award“, and was enclosed in the construction of “Global Model Confucius Institute“. The college continues to expand skilled education equivalent to Chinese and clinical drugs for international students. At present, 370 international students from twenty one countries as well as Pakistan, Cambodia, Bharat and Zambia are finding out within the school.


Achievements of Jiu Jiang University:

Jiu Jiang University has successively won the honorary titles of “National Advanced Group of Greening“, “National Leading Unit of New Technology Application in Educational Logistics“, “Jiangxi Province Civilized Unit“, “Jiangxi Province Advanced Unit for Safe Campus Construction in Colleges and Universities” ,”Jiangxi Province Advanced Unit for Chinese International Promotion“,. Over the years, the school has trained more than 200,000 professional talents for the country and society development socially and economically, and a large number of industry leaders and outstanding talents have emerged from the international students of Jiu Jiang University such as academician candidates of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and winners of the National Outstanding Youth Fund.

Admission Procedure

  • Application Form for Foreign Students to Jiu Jinag University.
  • Copy of valid passport.
  • Copy of Physical Examination Record for foreigner and blood check report.
  • Copy of the high school graduation certificate and transcripts notarized by public notary departments.
  • Copy of the English proficiency certificate.
  • Curriculum vitae and study plan written in English or Chinese.
  • Copy of paying guarantee letter signed by applicants’ parents.
  • Copy of non-criminal certificate.

MBBS Curriculum

1st Year

1st Semester

2nd Semester

Chinese Language

Chinese Language



2nd Year

3rd Semester

4th Semester

Chinese Language

Chinese Language
Histology & Embryology



Micro & Immunology



3rd Year

5th Semester

6th Semester

Chinese Language




Physical Diagnosis

Forensic Medicine


4th Year

7th Semester

8th Semester





Gynecology & Obstetrics

5th Year

9th Semester

10th Semester




Infectious Disease




Emergency Medicine
Acupuncture & Massage

Oncology Conspectus


6th Year (Internship)

11th Semester

12th Semester




Gynecology & Obstetrics

Gynecology & Obstetrics






Benefits of doing MBBS from Jiu Jiang University

  •   Jiu Jiang University has an affiliated, modern and technologically advanced hospital for research and internships, where students can get practical training.
    •    The university has a very large library. The well-equipped multimedia room in the university digital library exudes a warm atmosphere and provides users with an online search function.
    •    The university has the most advanced laboratory.
    •    Proven to be one of the most reputable and dependable universities.
    •   The MBBS fee structure of this university is very low.
    •    The university has experienced and qualified teaching staff which provide quality education.
    •    It has adopts advanced teaching methods.
    •    The university enrolls students directly without entrance exams.
    •    The university provides students with advanced academic facilities.
    •    The safety of students is very important to the administration of Jiu Jiang University, so the university gives great importance to the safety of students and will not appreciate any bad behavior of students.

Apply Online

Required Documents

  • Matric
  • Fsc
  • Passport
  • Police report
  • Medical
  • Pic 4 white backgrounds
  • Bank statement 5 lac minimum
  • Affidavit
  • FRC
  • Study Plans
  • CV

Fee structure of Jiu Jiang  University

1st year fee:  36,000 RMB

Note: 1st year fee include tuition fee, hostel, 2 years green card, medical test, health insurance, medical garments, Chinese language books and dormitory deposit as refundable money.


2nd year to onward: 20,600 RMB

Note: 2nd year to onward only tuition and hostel fee.