Sanquan Medical College


CEC Pakistan is Officially representative that is approved by PMC and WHO.


Sanquan Medical College was set up in 2003. It centers essentially on medical instruction close to the harmonious headway of instruction on writing, science, designing and administration. By remaining to three rules for the college management—“meeting the social needs, practicing quality-oriented instruction and creating helpful capacities in an all-round way” and highlighting the school-running characteristics, “SanQuan” has gotten to be a new-type college with characteristics and central focuses of its claim.

Schools (departments) and academies

The schools (departments) are responsible for the teaching affairs while the academies are responsible for the student affairs.

The 12 schools/departments are School of

  • Basic Medicine,
  • School of Nursing,
  • School of Medical Laboratory and Imaging,
  • School of Medical technology,
  • School of Health Management,
  • School of Clinical Medicine,
  • School of Pharmacy,
  • School of Life Science and Technology,
  • School of Medical Engineering,
  • Department of Foreign Languages,
  • Department of Political Theory Education,
  • Department of Sports Education



The 5 Academies are

  • Renzhi Academy,
  • Xihe Academy,
  • Jingcheng Academy,
  • Chongde Academy
  • Dexin Academy.

There are 20 undergraduate majors and 7 junior college majors.

The 20 undergraduate majors are

  • clinical medicine,
  • nursing,
  • laboratory medical technology,
  • medical imaging technology,
  • optometry,
  • rehabilitation therapy,
  • public utilities management (health services management orientation),
  • public utilities management (health management orientation),
  • public utilities management (medical administrative management orientation),
  • marketing, pharmacy,
  • pharmaceutical preparations,
  • biomedical engineering, biotechnology,
  • bioengineering,
  • bio-pharming,
  • electronic science and technology,
  • stomatology technology,
  • prosthetics and orthopedic engineering and
  • English (medical and technological orientation).



The 7 majors of junior college level are

  • nursing,
  • midwifery,
  • laboratory medical technology,
  • stomatology technology,
  • optometry technology,
  • medical imaging technology
  • Pharmacy

The 7 majors of junior college level are

  • nursing,
  • midwifery,
  • laboratory medical technology,
  • stomatology technology,
  • optometry technology,
  • medical imaging technology and

Among them, the three undergraduate majors, that is,

  • nursing,
  • clinical medicine and
  • optometry

Have been approved brand majors of Henan private institutes.

And the following 4 undergraduate majors, that is,

  • clinical medicine,
  • nursing,
  • rehabilitation therapy and
  • optometry

Have been approved experimental majors in the comprehensive education reform of Henan Province.


SanQuan Medical College is a private higher-education institution located in the large metropolis of Xinxiang

Province Henan



Our hospital is one of eight free Established of Henan Territory;

Henan Territory is the medical class of independent colleges

 Fee structure

Application Fee with documents = 250 U$D (1,662.35 RMB)


First Year Total Fee Package = 5000 U$D (33,282.00 RMB)

First Year fee Includes: Tuition Fee, Hostel Fee, Management & Service Charges, Residence Permit, Medical Checkup, Insurance Fee, Airport Pickup etc.


From 2nd Year to 6th (every year) = 22500 CNY ($3300)

Tuition Fee = 18000 RMB + Hostel Fee = 4500 RMB


Important Points to Read:

  • Student will pay the First year fee in U$D on arrival, otherwise hostel will not provide to the student.
  • Fee once paid will not be refunded.
  • Student will pay for Stationary, Electricity Charges & One way air ticket to Zhengzhou.
  • Food Expenses in Sanquan Medical College are normally from 1000 RMB to 1200 RMB per month.
  • Student will pay the Residence Permit fee & insurance fee from 2nd year to onward by themselves.
  • Student will follow the policies & rules of Sanquan Medical College & Education Department of Henan.
  • Pakistani & Indian Students will follow the Policy of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council & Indian Medical Council’s Policy Respectively.