Xinxiang Medical University

Xinxiang Medical University

Xinxiang Medical University is one underneath common organization, who has been in operation since 1950 and affirmed to permit both bachelor degree and master degree by the specialist. Xinxiang Medical University includes a unending campus with around 7000 students. The Farther Students Programed of Xinxiang Restorative College beneath the Around the world Education Set up of XXMU has been running successfully at the university since 2001.

Ranking in China:


World Ranking


Top 31%


Located at Xinxiang city in the northern part of Henan province of China.

City, the University lies north of Yellow River and faces the Taihang Mountain.


There are 19 departments, which cover medicine, literature, science, technology, management and so on.


  • Twenty three specialties, specifically Surgery, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Applied Psychology, Mental Illness and Mental Health etc. been built up as Master’s degree subjects.
  • Twenty one specialties, specifically Medicine, Forensics, Anesthesia, Pediatrics, Rehabilitation Science, Information Management (for medicine), Neurology Science & Psychology, English Language (for restorative sciences) and Engineering of Medical Biology are for undergraduates.
  • The University has 86 departments,
  • One postdoctoral research station and
  • 10 Research Institutes for Tuberculosis, Ophthalmology, and Mental Diseases etc.

Medical journals

The university has five medical journals issued freely to residential and overseas: Journal of Xinxiang Medical University, Journal of Ophthalmic Later Progresses, Journal of Applied Clinical Pediatrics, and Journal of Clinical Psychosomatic Illnesses.


In order to meet the need of running this University, four subsidiary hospitals were built with a add up to 8000 beds, and 14 educating hospitals and more than 50 teaching assistant bases as well. We have built up sound participation with numerous huge hospitals covering Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, and Jinan and so on.

Teaching Hospitals

The Primary Associated Clinic is found Weihui Area, Henan Range, which started from the Christian Huimin Healing center built up in 1896. It is an “AAA” comprehensive hospital combining medical treatment, teaching and logical inquires approximately with more than 2800 beds. The Moment Related Clinic, besides called the Mental Prosperity Clinic of Henan Region, is the because it were “AAA” common mental hospital combining medical treatment, teaching, scientific examine, shirking and legal (logical) recognizing verification. Among these the Division of Psychiatry is provincially emphasized as a key clinic division. This hospital in addition the provincial Examine Set up of Mental Health, the common Prevention & Treatment Center of Mental Diseases, the common Going without & Treatment Center of Drug Addiction and the Mental Health Association of Henan region. There are directly 1500 beds in it. The Third Related Hospital may be an as of late built cutting edge comprehensive recuperating center with over 1400 beds, which lies in it.

Xinxiang Medical University MBBS Fee Structure:

Year Tuition Fee Hostel Cost Insurance+ Visa Reg+Dvlp Fee Total Cost
1st Year 20000 RMB 2000 RMB/4-shraing 1400 RMB added
2nd Year 20000 RMB 2000 RMB 1400 RMB 23400 RMB
3rd Year 20000 RMB 2000 RMB 1400 RMB 23400 RMB
4th Year 20000 RMB 2000 RMB 1400 RMB 23400 RMB
5th Year 20000 RMB 2000 RMB 1400 RMB 23400 RMB
6th Year 20000 RMB 2000 RMB 1400 RMB 23400 RMB

For hostel 2 Sharing cost 4000 RMB, Fee will be paid in Chines Currency, RMB/USD

Two students will share one room in hostel. Students can do internship in China or in their home country.

Food expense approx. Rs.8000/- Monthly, Approx. Rs.1, 00,000/- Yearly.

Program Degree Taught by Tuition
Electronic and Information Engineering Bachelor’s Degree English RMB17000/Y
International Economics and Trade Bachelor’s Degree English RMB16000/Y
Chemical Engineering and Technology Bachelor’s Degree English RMB20000/Y
Environment and Energy Bachelor’s Degree English RMB20000/Y
Software Engineering Bachelor’s Degree English RMB16000/Y
Communication Engineering Bachelor’s Degree English RMB17000/Y
Pharmaceutical Science Bachelor’s Degree English RMB20000/Y
Business Administration (Specializing in International Trade) Master’s Degree English RMB18000/Y
Chemical Engineering and Technology Master’s Degree English RMB30000/Y
Mechanical Manufacture and Automation Master’s Degree English RMB22000/Y
Computer Software and Theory Master’s Degree English RMB22000/Y
International Summer Camp Non-Degree Chinese RMB2000/W






Popular Disciplines of Medical Kinds


Ranking Discipline Level
1 MBBS Bachelor Degree
2 Pharmacy Bachelor Degree
3 Traditional Chinese Medicine Bachelor Degree
4 Acupuncture and Tuina Non-degree
5 Stomatology Bachelor Degree
6 Internal Medicine Bachelor Degree
7 Surgery Bachelor Degree
8 Anesthesiology Bachelor Degree
9 Gynecology and Obstetrics Bachelor Degree
10 Dermatology and Venereology Bachelor Degree
11 Pharmacy Bachelor Degree
12 Stomatology Bachelor Degree



Popular Disciplines of Science and Engineering Kinds


Ranking Disciplines Level
1 Computer Science & Technology Bachelor Degree
2 Mechanical Engineering Bachelor Degree
3 Civil Engineering Bachelor Degree
4 Telecommunication Engineering Bachelor Degree
5 Architecture Science Bachelor Degree
6 Aeronautical Engineering Bachelor Degree
7 Electrical Engineering Bachelor Degree
8 Chemical Engineering Bachelor Degree
9 Biology Science Bachelor Degree
10 Petrol Engineering Bachelor Degree






Popular Disciplines in Economics, Management, Laws


Ranking Discipline Level
1 Business Administration Bachelor Degree
2 International Economics and Trade Bachelor Degree
3 Accounting Bachelor Degree
4 Economics Master Degree
5 Law Science Bachelor Degree
6 International Business Bachelor Degree
7 Finance Master Degree
8 Corporation Administration Master Degree
9 Administrative Management Bachelor Degree
10 Tourism Management Bachelor Degree
11 MBA Master Degree




















Popular Majors of other kinds


Ranking Discipline Level
1 One-year Chinese Language Program None-degree
2 One semester Chinese Language Program None-degree
3 Winter or Summer Chinese Language Program None-degree
4 Designing Science Bachelor Degree
5 Foreign Language and Literature Bachelor Degree
6 Education Bachelor Degree
7 Journalism and Communication Bachelor Degree
8 Musicology and Discology Bachelor Degree
9 Philosophy Master Degree
10 Politics Master Degree
11 Utilization Science of Agricultural Resources Doctor Degree
12 Psychology Master Degree
13 Opera, Film and Television Science Bachelor Degree

Xinxiang Medical University:

Founded in 1922, Xinxiang Medical University is a higher education institution located in the large metropolis of Xinxiang (population range of over 5,000,000 inhabitants), Henan. Located in Xinxiang City, the University lies north of the Yellow River and faces the Taihang Mountain in the south. Beijing-Guangzhou,Beijing-Zhuhai Railway and Xinxiang-He Railway all meet Xinxiang City, which lies at 113 degrees east longitude and 36 degrees north latitude, 90 kilometers from Zhengzhou International Airport. The university was built on a profound cultural inheritance with a long history which predecessor can be traced back to the Western Medical Clinic by a British Missionary in 1896. programs and 20 bachelor programs offered.


The university campus covers 1.158 million m2, among which architectural areas are 73.07 million m2. The teaching equipment is worth 69.19 million Yuan RMB. A modern library was built with about 97.27 thousand books, facilitated with an exchange platform among 110 academic organizations from both domestic and foreign libraries. An anatomic specimen museum was built and collected around a thousand specimens. At present, the University has over 700 professional teachers, among whom there are over 200 professors or associate professors, experts who are national middle-young great contributors, national candidates of “New Century Project for Training Hundreds of Thousands of Persons with Ability and Innovation”, excellent experts enjoying State Council’s subsidy. There are over 20 excellent specialists, professors, and teachers respectively at the level of province and state, 5 engaged academicians, and Yangtze scholars.

What you can expect from us:

Complete Admission Process
► Visa approval from Ministry of Education, Government of China
► Visa file preparation
► CEC PAKISTAN will accompany the students during travel from Pakistan to China (Student Group)
► Airport pick-up
► Accommodation arrangements in China
►University Office in China to assist Pakistani students if any help required


►Step 1:
►Matric (Copy)
►F.Sc Pre-Medical (Copy)
►Photo 12 nos. (fresh)
►Passport (Copy)
►Physical Exam. Report (Duly signed by M.S. of Govt. Hospital)
After submitting these papers students will get an admission letter within 2 weeks.
►Step 2:
►Police Certificate
►Admission Letter
►JW202 (Visa Letter)
►Visa Application form Submission to Embassy
(Mostly, visa applicant need to appear for a simple and short interview with a visa officer)

We will just charge only 500 US $ for the Admission Letter and JW202.

►Step 3:
Pay your tuition fee and other expenses when you reach university

Samples of above-mentioned documents are available at

Books (Recommended for 1st Year Students)
Anatomy Snell, B. D Chourasia, Netter
Physiology Guyton
Bio-Chemistry Lippincott
Embryology Keith L Moor
Histology Inderbir Singh







Fee Package


Description RMB
                          1st Year                           35000
                         2nd Year                           23400
                         3rd Year                           23400
                         4th Year                           23400
                         5th Year                           23400
Internship —–
                           Total 596,600
1st year Fee includes tuition fee, hostel, 2 years Green Card, Medical test, Health Insurance, Medical Garments, Equipment’s, Chinese Language Books and Dormitory Deposit as refundable money.