Yichun University

Yichun University

Yichun Medicine University

(Brief introduction)

CEC Pakistan From Representative of  Yichun University, a comprehensive university in china carries the most disciplines in Jiangxi Province. It is located in Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, RPC. The campus is beside a river and at the foot of mountain and looks beautiful. Students can also enjoy the convenient transportation facility with Zhe-Gan Railway (from Zhejiang to Jiangxi ) in the south and the State Road NO.320 in the west. In the downtown  City, Bus NO.5 and NO.8 lead directly to the university.

The new building covers 1,250 square metres, which is constructed according to high standards. After 4 years construction, a modern style full of colourful flowers campus is being constructed in Jiangxi. It is located at the foot of a mountain and alongside a river. Now, there are more than 19,779 full-time registered and adult students, and 1,000 staff members, 633 of whom are teachers (including 233 full or associate professor, 10 specialists entitled to State Funds and 17 Provincial Subject Leaders or Backbone Teachers )
YU is made up of 11 faculties. There are School of Humanities, School of Science, School of Engineering, School of Agriculture, School of Medicine, School of Business and Law, School of Foreign Languages Studies, School of Physical Education, School of Art, School of Adult Education and School of Vocational and Technical Education.

History of Yichun University

The provincial party committee approved Yichun University on the 10th of June 1958. In March 1962 the province’s colleges and universities adjustment meeting took place in which they had decided to retain an area and the original name will be changed to the University Teachers College.In June 1962 the Jiujiang University had withdrawn from the teachers college and converted their name into the Yichun university. In April 1964 the Office of the State Council of Culture and Education approved the withdrawal of Yichun Teachers College. In October 1977 the provincial party committee approved the Office of Jiangxi Normal University Yichun Branch changed to Yichun Normal School.On 25 April 1978 State Council approved the re-establishment of Yichun Teachers College. 20 June 1986, the College upgraded to the vice-formed unit.Yichun Teachers CollegeYichun Academy of Medicine merged on 25 January 2000 which is approved by Ministry of National Education.

Tuition Fees

Yichun University strives to keep tuition fees at competitive and affordable as much as possible. The following rates are for the 2015 academic year.

Yichun University Fee Structure  (2018-2019)

1st Year Fee Onward Years Fee Total Course Fee
Tuition fee 14000 ¥
Hostel fee 4000 ¥
Liaison & Management fee 8000 ¥
Registration + Application fee 500 ¥
Medical insurance fee 600 ¥
Medical Check up 450 ¥
Visa Extension 400 ¥
Total ¥ 27,950
Tuition fee 14000 ¥
Hostel fee 4000 ¥
¥ 18,000
1st Year 27950 ¥
2nd Year 18000 ¥
3rd Year 18000 ¥
4th Year 18000 ¥
5th Year 18000 ¥
¥ 99,950


This medical university for MBBS program is PMDC recognized institution and its degrees is honored across the world. The university graduates are large number of doctors who have been serving their medical profession particularly in the region of Gulf and in many other countries as well.

Fast growing demands of medical doctors and other health professionals have attracted students to develop their future in the medical sciences. Some countries of the Asia and Gulf region have limited options for medical studies whereas China has established numerous medical universities which have good capacity of teaching medical students.

One of the best amongst them is Yichun medical university which is regularly offering admission to MBBS program and also offers scholarship facilities for the foreign students. Students would feel their career secure and bright, as the medical graduates from Yichun University have been welcomed in all regions.