Engineering in China For 2019-2020

engineeering in china

Why Study Engineering in China?

(CEC Pakistan) CHINA Education Consultant become popular after medical programs in China for international students, the programs field taught in English is getting more and more wide, like Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Telecom Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical engineering, Computer Engineering In China 2018-2019. Chinese engineering and technology have developed rapidly since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. This growth has been especially dramatic following the adoption of national reform and openness policies nearly 20 years ago.

China has trained a large number of skilled engineers and technicians across a range of disciplines. These professionals have played a major role in the development of the national economy, in the continuous improvement of quality of life for all Chinese, and in the advancement of science and technology around the world. A lot of world big enterprises, big companies are garrisoning in China constantly, and economic development and exchange must promote the international floating of professionals.

Magnificent Chinese culture is extremely attractive to a lot of foreigners. The great educational infrastructure in Asia, cheap cost wise and highly reputed in technology, Engineering & Medicine wise the availability of instruction in the English medium., more and more Chinese universities have made courses available to students in the English medium. Since the complete instruction is Chinese but students get an opportunity to study various other programs in China like Study Aeronautical engineering ,Study Architecture, Study chemical engineering, Study mechanical engineering, Study electrical engineering, Study automobile engineering, Study marine engineering etc and Study Business Program other engineering programs in china 2018-2019 Admissions are Open in Engineering in China 2018-2019.

Engineering Universities

Bohai University

(A Brief introduction of Bohai University)

From Representative of Bohai university (BU) was founded in February, 1950.As a comprehensive university administered by Liaoning province department of education, It has successfully trained 100,000 plus graduates for china. Located in Jinzhou, a seaside city with a long history in Liaoning province, it is 490 kilometers away from Beijing and 240 kilometers away from Beijing and 240 kilometers away from Shenyang. BU covers 1,500 mu (1,000,500 squares meters) of land area and 470,000 square meters of floor area. It is divided into 13 sub-level colleges, 33 program for associate degree in vocational education, 16 first-rank curricula for master’s degree, and 3 for major master degree in education, literature, history science, engineering in China 2018-2019 and management.

Bohai University (BHU) Location:

Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, China

Fee structure of Engineering In China 2018-2019

programs – September / March 2018-19 session

Programs & Duration: 4 Year

1st Year Fee RMB 26000 USD 4200 Rs 4,20,000

2nd to Final Year Fee RMB 14000 USD 2300 Rs 2,30,000

Notes: => Above fee details are for the above mentioned Bachelor of Engineering and in China 2018-2019

Shenyang University of Chemical Technology

CEC Pakistan from Representative of Shenyang University of chemical technology is run by the provincial government, is a institute of mainly in science, specialization and advantage in the field of chemical industry, integration in the field of science, engineering, economy, management and arts.

Fee Structure Engineering In China 2018-2019

1st Year Fee 33000 Yuan

2nd Year Fee 19000 Yuan

Note: 1st year experience include tuition fee, hostel fee, two year green card, medical test, health insurance, medical garments, equipment, Chinese language books and dormitory deposit as refundable money.

Location: Tiexi, Shenyang, Liaoning, China

Medium of Instruction: English

Teaching Staff: Foreigner Teachers

Intake: September and March

Duration: 4 Years

Programs: Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Automation

Wuhan University of Technology

From Representative of Wuhan University of Technology, one of the key institutions of higher learning under the direct administration of China Ministry of Education, is included in Project 211 & Innovation Platform for Advantages Disciplines under Project 985. In 2012 WUT is ranked top 1% by Essential Scientific Index (ESI) of three disciplines of Materials Science, Engineering & Chemistry. By Times Higher Education in 2017 WUT is ranked 49th among Top 100 Asian Universities, and 301st -350th among Top 400 World Universities. WUT is accredited by the Ministry of Education, and merged from the former Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan Transportation University and Wuhan Automotive Polytechnic University. The university could offer 11 disciplines of Engineering, Science, Management, Economics, Law and ects, and possesses State Key Laboratories. The university makes the target to become the research-oriented university, and try to improve itself in the whole to be the first class of China, and part the disciplines to be first class in the whole world.

Fee Structure Engineering In China 2018-2019

Tuition Fee: RMB 23,000 – 45,000 (Per/Year)

Hostel Fee: RMB 7,500 – 9,000

Tianjin Chengjian University (TCU)

From Representative of Tianjin Chengjian University (TCU), founded in 1978, is a regular university under the administration of Tianjin Municipal government. The city Tianjin is one of four municipalities directly administered by the Central Government of China, located south of and 120 km away from the Capital of Beijing.

Established in 1978, Tianjin Chengjian University (TCU) is a general institution of higher learning that provides education services especially for those engaged in urban construction field.

There are 2 first-class disciplines authorized to grant master’s degree, 13 teaching units authorized to grant master’s degree, 2 key disciplines and 2 key labs of Tianjin, 1 Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education and 1 key Research Base for Humanities and Social Sciences of Tianjin. TCU attaches high importance to the cooperation and communications with the overseas universities and has established the relationship of cooperation with over thirty universities in over ten countries and regions.

Fee Structure Engineering In China 2018-2019

Tuition Fee: RMB 20,000 (Per/Year)

Hostel Fee: RMB 25 – 50 (Per/Day)

Admission Procedure

Application and Visa


The student can apply in any of one the following options:

Option 1

Fill In the Online Application Form for Engineering In China 2018-2019

Option 2

Download the Application form given in the Downloads page for Engineering In China 2018-2019

Engineering in China 2018-2019 Admission Requirements

Documents Required for Admission Engineering in China 2018-2019

1) A photocopy /Scanned copy of Matriculation/SSC/ O-Levels Certificate

2) A photocopy /Scanned copy of F.Sc/HSC/A_Levels Pre-Engineering Certificates

3) Passport (fresh) Size Photo 3 Nos,

4) A photocopy /Scanned copy of applicants CNIC/B Form (Optional)

5) A photocopy /Scanned copy of applicants passport (Optional)

6) Police Clearance Certificate (Optional)

7) Medical Report (Optional)

8) Send all documents by email to

9) Apply online by filling online admission form here

Engineering in China 2018-2019 Visa Letter Requirements

1) Admission letter from the Chines University

2) Photograph 6nos. (Must be fresh)

3) Bank Statement

4) Police Certificate

5) Medical Test (Physical Exam. Report) from any Government District Hospital / Must be Endorse by MS of Hospital.


7) Hepatitis B & C

8) Duly signed by M.S. of Govt. Hospital and attested by Foreign Office.

9) Send all documents by email

10) Apply online by filling online admission form here.

Engineering In China 2018-2019 for Pakistani Student

1)  Engineering In China is Suitable for any Engineering licensing examination.

2) Once we get your application we shall write back to you with questions, comments and details.

3) We submit Your Application to the admission office for international students of the university.

4) The University will give us the instruction as to accept the application or reject it.

5) If the University instructs to proceed with the admission of student we intimate you.

6) We do all the formalities and send you the acceptance letter from the University.

7) We would process application with the ministry of education in China for issuance

8) for JW2O2 (visa form) that is required by the Chinese embassy in your country for them to issue study visa for the student.

9) Once the JW2O2(visa forms) is obtained from the ministry it would be forwarded to the student.

10) Then the student applies for the visa After the visa is issued the student will be informed for the date of journey to China.

11) The student travels to china to the nearest airport to the University.

12) University officials and our officials shall be there in the airport to receive the student.

13) The room will be issued to student in hostel of the university.

14) The next day the student pays the tuition fee to the international student department and joins the course.

15) If the student has any problems, our officials are there to help the students.


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