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CSC China Scholarship Council | Engineering In CHINA | Scholarship In CHINA for Pakistani Students 2018-2019

Scholarship Via CSC China Scholarship Council 2018-2019

China Scholarships For Bachelor’s Education:

Bachelor’s scholarship is offered to those students who have completed their intermediate or high school. It is a program for 4 years plus 5 months for language classes fully funded by Chinese government.

This scholarship will include

• Your course fee

China Scholarships  For Master’s Education:

Masters scholarship is offered to those students who have completed their 4 years of bachelor program. Masters scholarship is offered for 2 years plus 5 months of language classes fully funded by Chinese government. This scholarship will include

• Your course fee

• Accommodation

• Monthly 1700 Yuan stipend


China Scholarships  For PhD Education :

PhD scholarship is offered to those students who have completed their 18 years of education (4 years bachelors plus 2 years of masters) PhD scholarship is offered for 4 years including their language classes fully funded by Chinese government.

This scholarship will include

• Your course fee

• Accommodation

• Monthly 2100 Yuan stipend

How to Apply!

First Step :

At the first step we will need your documents in soft form from matric to your last degree obtained. For example if you are applying for master’s degree we will need your matric, inter and bachelor’s degree documents in soft form. In the second part of the first step we will need you to prioritize your desired field of study. For example if you are applying for master’s scholarship we will need you to tell us at least 3 different fields regarding your degree. For example if I am applying for a bachelors scholarship I can study in bachelors of physics, bachelors of high energy mechanics and bachelors of mathematics.Same for master’s scholarship, we will need you to prioritize and send us your desired and chosen fields. At the end of the first step you can mail us your documents in soft copy, your interested scholarships and your fields of study. Our email Id is

Second Step:

After receiving your documents, we will call you back in 24 hours and will confirm your scholarship availability and university. If you are willing to take the scholarship you have to submit 50000 RS to our account or you can pay us by cash in our office.Our office address is suit number 11 second floor Fatima center 14 queens’ road opposite Fatima Jinnah medical college. After submitting our fee we will need some further documents in 7 days to process for your Scholarship.

These documents are

• A thorough study plan, which includes all your previous study record and extracurricular activities, such as conferences you have attended, seminars and your shields and honors. Your aim and goals and why you are interested in scholarship. Study plan is like your personal and educational resume.

 • 2 recommendation letters from your last attended university from any lecturer or professor.

• A police character certificate

 • A medical examination form which is attached with this email.

• Photo copy of your passport, first page and at least 2 blank pages

• 2 passport size photos with light background

Third Step:

Scholarships are available for spring season

if you apply in fall season (February to April) admission letter and scholarship visa issued by Chinese ministry of education will be available in spring season(august to September) After getting the admission letter and visa scholarships you have to pay our remaining 300000 RS fee. Who can apply Our scholarship is 100% guaranteed if you have obtained 60% or above marks in your last degree obtained. If your marks are less than 60% we cannot guarantee the scholarship but we can try our best. Age limit is different for different programs and desired courses but you should apply with in the 2 years after obtaining your last degree. If in any case your scholarship is not confirmed or rejected we will reimburse all your paid fee. .

Note : If in any case your scholarship is not confirmed or rejected we will reimburse all your paid fee.


Culture & Academic Requirement


In terms of culture, it’s almost impossible to provide a brief description. Various parts of Chinese culture have been adopted across the world, especially in Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, including literature (including fables and poetry), cuisine (e.g., Sichuan), music (e.g., opera), crafts (e.g., wood carving and furniture-making) and visual arts (e.g., silk painting). Confucianism as well as an emphasis on collective over individual good have resulted in a society that values duty, sincerity, loyalty, honor, and respect for age and seniority. Life as a student here can be a hugely enjoyable, reinvigorating experience or it can be a lonely, doubt-ridden waste of time. The simple truth is, if you are not prepared to embrace the Chinese lifestyle and culture, what are you doing investing your time and money studying in a Chineseenvironment? Chinese people are very tolerant of foreigners. Even the strangest behaviors are often accepted, for they think that such things are normal in other countries. The first rule in almost all situations you can get into in China is: do not lose your temper! Patience and politeness always go further than cursing and shouting.

Food and living arrangements

Food costs are generally reasonable in China; housing is the major expense. Contacts are important for finding the best place to live, so students should begin talking to people as soon as they get toChina for comfortable but reasonably priced living arrangements. In general, western China tends to be cheaper than the eastern port cities ofBeijing, Qingdao, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. In Beijing, both furnished and unfurnished properties are available. Furnished houses are very easy to find in the rental market of Beijing. 


Your first decision will be whether to live in a dormitory room or an apartment. Although dormitories are relatively expensive, it is so far the best and actually the only option you have. By staying in the dormitory, you will be living with other foreigners, but will have ample opportunity to speakChinese as only a few of them will speak English. Dormitory life is a fascinating cultural experience in itself. However, for those who prefer to stay in an apartment, university could provide you with the most quality service to guarantee that your accommodation needs will be met with high satisfactory.

Academic Requirement


Step 1:

Matric (Copy)

FSc Pre-Engineering & Pre Medical (Copy)

12 Photos (fresh)

Passport (Copy)

Physical Exam Report

(Duly signed by M.S. of Govt. Hospital and attested by Foreign Office)

After give in to these papers students will get admission letter within two weeks.

Step 2:

Bank Statement

Police Certificate

Medical Test


Hepatitis B&C

(These tests should be done by AGHA KHAN LAB only)

Step 3:

Pay your tuition fee and other expenses when you reach university.


Studying Cost in China

Application fee of different major for different degree in every university varies from 90 USD to 150 USD, normally not in excess of 200 USD. Among all the programs offered by universities, MBBS may be the most expensive one regarding application fee. Besides, the higher ranking of auniversity in China’s University List, the more expensive of the application fee will be. However, the tuition fee of Chinese universities is quite low compared with that of UK/USA. The estimated average tuition fee ranges from 3300 USD (around20, 000 RMB) to 9900 USD (around 60,000RMB) per year.

Living Cost in China

Living cost in metropolitan areas like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou would be 4500-5000RMB/month (around 740 USD-830 USD/ month); Other cities would be around 1500-3500RMB/month (around 250 USD-580 USD/ month). However, this mainly depends on your lifestyle; though eating out in China is very cheap compared to many other countries.