helps organize short-term courses

It is about 2 weeks long only that are for short courses. Many Universities offer short term courses that can boost the skills of the person and equipped your career to a new level. The student could spend vocational time in learning. Because of the short time student can get benefit from these types of scholarship. That is academically and technically improved by it.

Chinese Government scholarship:

Chinese Government have different programs that offer every about in 200+ universities. These scholarships are high in demand and this full funded scholarship with some monthly stipend. The Chinese Government Scholarship is very extensive type of scholarship because in this scholarship very high number programs are included.

Local Government scholarship:

These scholars are offering to attract most outstanding students to study in china. These ae usually offer by the provincial and municipal local governments. All students are study in the municipalities.

This Scholarship is not as wide as Chinese Government scholarships. It set very few programs for the scholarship in few of universities. Because these scholarships are at provincial level so provincial universities are include only. There may very few universities in that province or city.

Chinese Universities Scholarship:

Many high ranking universities and colleges in China are also offering their scholarship programs for outstanding international universities and also scholars to continue their study.

These scholarship are different in name and it could be resemble to the universities name .

Like HE University Scholarship.

Enterprise Scholarships:

Some of enterprises offer scholarship to encourage the international students to continue their study programs.  This type of scholarship is very low in numbers but it would be great chance for student to boosts future.