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Binzhou Medical University is a common medical university at provincial level in Shandong Province, and its predecessor was the Public Medical School of Shandong University originally established in 1946. Now the university has two campuses, with one in Binzhou and the other in Yantai. It covers lands of 1,589.5 mu (1 muequates 1/15 hectare) in total, with its floorage accounting for 629,000 square meters. Its fixed assets total 1.2 billion RMB; in particular, its teaching and scientific apparatuses and facility count for 150 million RMB in total, its library has a collection of 2.32 million volumes. At present, the university has one directly affiliated hospitals, 14 indirectly affiliated hospitals, more than 130 teaching hospitals and practical teaching hospitals, and 29 teaching bases for medicine-related disciplines.

The university has more than 15,000 full-time students on campus, and 976 faculty members . In particular, its personnel with advanced occupation titles account for 436, those with degrees at and above master level amount to 671; besides, it has 2 dually employed academicians, 1 specially employed professor who has the title of “Taishan Scholar”, and 4 experts who has the title of “Taishan Scholar” and is specially employed from overseas. 
It has 10 schools (departments), and 21 subjects and directions of undergraduate courses. Now, it has the authorization of master degree conferment in 3 first-class disciplines (31second-class disciplines) respectively concerning clinical medicine, basic medicine and nursing science, and is an authorized unit to award master degrees in clinical medicine and stomatology. Currently, it has 4 characteristic subject construction units of higher education at the level of the Ministry of Education, 6 characteristic subjects at provincial level, and 11 key disciplines (laboratories) at provincial level.

The university follows its school-running tradition that “teaching comes first, and quality is prior to any others” and that “the education of man is a fundamental, and moral education has the priority”, and puts into practices its university dictum of “benevolent mind and wonderful skills”. Sticking to the centeredness on the cultivation of talents and that on the improvement of quality, it has trained more than 58,000 talented people in medicine and medicine-related trades for the society. In 2006, the university passed with an excellent grade an estimate of undergraduate teaching work organized by the Ministry of Education.

The university pays much attention to the mutual improvement and harmonious development, employing the strategy of “prospering the university with scientific research”. For recent five years, it has undertaken 1,181 scientific research projects, gained 373 awards at and above the level of leading role of departments or equivalents, and published 294 monographs and textbooks and 3,098 academic papers. In particular, 1,120 of such papers were published in key periodicals.

The university has insisted on an open way to run the school, establishing in succession friendly inter-university relationships and scholarly exchange and co-operation relationships with universities in the USA, UK, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and other countries and regions. It has thus made great achievements in personnel exchanges, united cultivation of postgraduates, and projects of united construction.

Binzhou medical university Fee Structure:


  1st year fee27500 yuan and 2nd year fee 16000 yuan 






Note:  1st year expense include Tuition fee,Hostel fee, One year Green Card,Medical Test, Health Insurance, Medical Books.

Curriculum: WHO ( World Health Organization )  and PM & DC ( Pakistan Medical and Dental Council ) approved and recognized.

In future, the university will insist on following the important instruction both of the Deng Xiaoping’s theory and the “Three Represents”, deeply implementing the View of Scientific Development, and keeping to the rule of development of higher education. In the light of the “One-Two-Three-Four-Five” target task and train of thought established by the 3rd representative conference of the university CPC members, it will adhere to the overall requirement of emphatically enhancing healthy development, and improving educational and teaching quality and school-running levels. By doing so, it will insist on taking the cultivation of talents as a center, taking the improvement of quality as a kernel, taking discipline construction as a lead, taking scientific research as a key point, taking the building of teaching contingent as a linchpin, taking the deepening of reform as an impetus, and taking the strengthening of CPC party construction and ideological and political work as a guarantee. In this way, it will enable the university to develop in all aspects healthily, rapidly, completely harmoniously and sustainably, endeavoring to build a nationally famous medical university.

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