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My Name is Naeem Khalid from Representative of
My Name is Naeem Khalid from Representative of
My Name is Naeem Khalid from Representative of

CEC Pakistan From Representative of  Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TUTCM) and your love for Chinese traditional medicine. All the faculty and students in TUTCM welcome your visit, communication and study here.

        Tianjin, situated at the coast of the Bohai Sea, is a city full of charm and vitality. Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is located inside of it, is one of the earliest universities of TCM founded in China. TUTCM commits itself to the unearthing and collecting of traditional Chinese medicine, personnel training and scientific research. We have a complete set of specialties and a distinguished teaching faculty. TUTCM offers Bachelor, Master and PhD programs, with a leading comprehensive strength among China’s colleges of TCM

        The university now has 15 schools, branches and departments, 6 affiliated hospitals, 30 teaching hospitals, 1 research institute of TCM, 5 provincial-level medical research centers, 2 state pharmaceutical clinical research bases, 1 preparation center and 1 pharmaceutical factory.In addition, our university has its own academic publications, such as Journal of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Chinese Encephalopathy Magazine.

        As an external higher education base of TCM authorized by the State Education Ministry and the location of the Educational Instruction Committee of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, our university has established friendly relations with over 60 countries and had extensive cooperation in education, scientific research and clinics. It has cultivated more than 6,000 doctors of TCM and professionals in Chinese medicine or acupuncture, with more than 2,000 foreign students coming here to study TCM each year.

        Traditional Chinese Medicine is the heritage of Chinese culture, the medical essence of 5,000 years’ Chinese history, which makes a great contribution for the prosperity of the Chinese nation. She is not only the treasure of Chinese people, but also the property of the world. Today, modern medicine is highly advanced, which TCM is rejuvenating, getting loved by people of the whole world.

        We would like to devote ourselves to that great cause with all the friends who like TCM, drawing its essence and spreading it to the whole world. Lets join our hands to make this world more colorful and charming.

Fee structure of 5 years MBBS program – September / October 2018-2019 session

Fee for 1st Academic year

 Fee In RMB

   Fee In USD

Tuition fee,



Hostel fee,



Enrollment & Registration fee,



Medical checkup fee,



Residence permit fee, Health insurance fee



Management and liaison fee



 1 year Total Fee

28000 RMB



Remaining Academic years

Fee details

2nd Year


3rd Year


4th Year


5th Year


Tuition fee

15000 RMB

15000 RMB

15000 RMB

15000 RMB

Hostel fee

 3000 RMB

 3000 RMB

3000 RMB

 3000 RMB

Total fees in Chinese RMB

18000 RMB

18000 RMB


18000 RMB

18000 RMB



  • Every student will be awarded a scholarship of 4000 chinese yuan from second year.
  • University is located in metropolitan city Tianjin which is 17 km far from Capital Beijing.
  • Selective excellent students having good study record in high school results and 1st year results at tjtcm will be granted CSC, provincial govt, presidential and tjtcm scholarships (scholarship amount will be decided by (tjutcm).
  • If students decide to transfer or withdraw, the paid fees will not be returned or transferred.
  • All the fees above are paid in Chinese Yuan (unless specified otherwise).
  • All students can live in the accommodation provided by university or arrange by their self..
  • From 2nd year and onwards the students will pay the University fees in September.
  • University syllabus books or self-reference books, food, internet and other self expenses are not included in above fees.
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Student Advisor & Consultant.
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